Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

Hello, and welcome to HTWT! For those of you keeping score, this will be the third time I have attempted to keep a blog. So, if you've come by and haven't seen any new posts for years, I sincerely apologize.

However, there is reason to hope that this one may be more successful then the last two. First, to mine and my wife's surprise, I've been maintaining a twitter account for a couple of months (@ArcticSaxifrage). This suggests that I may be able to find the time and stick with online expression on a semi-regular basis. Secondly, I have a compelling reason for starting this blog and attempting to maintain it. I'll be blunt: I'm a recent doctoral graduate in planetary science who is looking for a job and opportunities for scientific collaboration. By allowing a bit more of myself online, hopefully I'll get the chance to advance both aims. So, if you fit the bill and can help, then I've done my job.

As such, I see this as just one other facet of my online presence. I hope to use it to compliment each of the other three: my professional website ( , twitter account (@ArcticSaxifrage) and LinkedIN profile. Each of these does some things well and others not so well. In particular, a venue for more in-depth and considered writing and interaction has been lacking. Hopefully this blog will adress this.

That doesn't mean that this blog will be overly technical. I hope that what I write will be accessible to a broad audience interested in planetary science. As well, do not hesitate to ask questions. As a former academic, there's nothing we like better then the opportunity to help. One of the benefits of planetary science is the broadness of the enterprise. As such, those of us so-trained get enough of a taste of the entire field to be a bit enthralled with it all without getting to bogged down everywhere in minutia. We also are forever learning new things and are keen to share what we find. As such, the focus of this blog may change over time.

So there you have it. This is why I'm doing this and I hope that you find reason to enjoy what you find written in this space. I have "fancy plans and pants to match"(*). You and I will both see how it turns out.

Next Post: Who am I?

(*) Ahh "News Radio" - from the biography translated out and back again.

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