Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conversations at the LPSC Series: Interview Subject Green Room

Time to put this internet business to good use!

Last year I put together a 6-part interview series for the "Live at York U" program over on as part of my attendance at the DPS meeting (profiles of our interviewees are available here: Jason, Catherine,  DavidBrittanyDave and Jonathan). It was very well recieved with our listenership surging up to the 1000 level for the last live show. This Spring I hope to do it all over again at LPSC. Right now I'm trawling my memory and the internet for good interview subjects so if you will be at the conference and would like to be interviewed, leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Also, if you came here via twitter, this is the right post to leave your comment!

In the extremely unlikely event that I get a large response, I'm planning on keeping the list of subjects relatively short, between 4 and 6 to make things manageable. I don't know my schedule for the conference yet, but if you're available over the first weekend, it would be easier for me to add you to the schedule.

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