Monday, March 14, 2011

Conversations at the LPSC: Dr. Ross Beyer

Dr. Ross Beyer has always been at home on the surface of a Planet. He's shown here at Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley, CA in this undated photo taken by Jason Barnes.

Kicking off our latest series of interviews on is the SETI Institute's own Dr. Ross Beyer. He and I briefly attended the University of Arizona together before he graduated with a PhD in Planetary Science way back in 2004. Since that time, Ross has been keeping busy with significant mission involvement including working with the HiRise camera on MRO, as well as on LRO and one of the most exciting missions of the upcoming decade: New Horizons to pluto. Because of this latitude of space mission experience, which cuts across NASA's boundaries, I felt that Ross would be an excellent subject with which to discuss the recently released planetary decadal survey. I had the chance to speak with him last Thursday, and I have to thank him and my editors Michelle Parsons and Michael over at AFM for getting this interview to air so quickly! Tonight you'll get the chance to listen in at 8PM EDT / Midnight UTC over at on the "Live at York U" radio show.

I do owe Ross an apology: we didn't get to speak much about his varied experience in Planetary Science, so I plan on asking him for a full and proper interview at a later conference!

Programming Note: Over the next four weeks, we'll be bringing you interviews with young planetary scientists on the Live at York U radio program. This series, "Conversations from the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference" mirrors the "Conversations from the Division for Planetary Science" series that we conducted last year. Queued up after Ross are Washington University's Dr. Michael Bland on March 21, who will speak with us about Icy Satellites, University of South Florida's Dr. Matthew Pasek on March 28, a meteorite man and astrobiologist extraordinaire, and finally the NRC's Dr. Abigail Sheffer on April 4, who will chat with us about things you can do with a Planetary Science Degree that you might not have thought possible! These last two will be appearing LIVE on air, so if you have any questions for them, you can leave those in the comments below, and I'll be sure to ask.

"Conversations from the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference" runs Mondays through April 4th on 8PM EDT for the first three interviews and moving to 9PM EDT starting in April.

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